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How to Redeem Jio Cricket Play Along Points

How to Redeem Jio Cricket Play Along Points – My Jio Cricket Play Along Game Points Convert and Use:

How to Play Jio Cricket Play Along

Participants Play with Jio Cricket Play Along, Open My Jio App, and ever the game is live you will be able to play. Answer the Questions that will display on their screen on Jio IPL Play Along with the Live Game. In each of you will gain 1 question, in total there will be no. of 40 questions.

JIO KBC Play Along Downloads

It also has the possibility of the power play, in which you will gain three times more points for upcoming three questions. Each inning will have 1 Power Play. The Jio Cricket IPL Question will be based on Predictions like as how much run the team will make the next ball? Etc.

What is Jio Cricket Play Along invite code?

Participants you can use invite code or referral code to play Jio Cricket Play Along Live Game. On inviting Friends, their Power Play will obtain activated. You can get the recourse of invite code in their dashboard by clicking invites. Candidates if you are not a Jio Users then don’t worry.

You can motionless participate and win Jio Cricket Play Along Prizes.  Non-Jio Users will have to enter your mobile number, and the app will send OTP to you. Enter the OTP Code and Confirm. Now you can enjoy playing Jio Cricket Play Along Concept.

How to redeem Jio Cricket Play Along Points

When you play Jio Cricket Play along you will Obtain Free Points for Each Correct Answer. So you will get the points like. The Point System is yet too released. Participants you can redeem your all points during this IPL 2019 Season to Claim prizes.

  • Make sure you have composed sufficient points in the game
  • Now you need to click on my winning Options
  • Then you will see the Prizes
  • Then Click on any Prize banned and grabbed the prizes
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